Coupon codes get New Domain discounts

Looking to get a new domain for your business? Then look no further. The number 1 domain registrar is here to help you get started for as little an 5 dollars for your first year! You may use Godaddy, Namecheap, even most hosting companies offer hosting plans with a free domain (assuming this is the first domain you will register you need hosting as well for the domain). The domain is like your address but in order for you to get mail, there must be someone or something there to pick it up or receive it. This would be your hosting. The host stores all your domain files such as the actual website your domain name points to.

I prefer to use GoDaddy for their extensive customer support and tech support. Issues are normally resolved very quickly and painlessly for the user. Plus the discounts and coupon code is outrageous if I do say so myself. As much as 89% off in some cases. Remember, there are almost no renewal coupons for domains. Eg. if you bought a .com for $1.00 expect to pay $12.00 after one year. Hopefully by that time your website has generated much more than $12.00 of profits. Well Enjoy your discount

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